Fast track your businesses recovery following COVID-19 with our FREE Business Accelerator programme.

Picture of Graeme Davis, Managing Director at IT Foundations

Graeme Davis

I am delighted to launch our free Business Accelerator programme. I know how difficult the last few months have been. Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough, and there is still a great deal of uncertainty about the future.

Considering the impact that the pandemic has had on businesses across all sectors, the challenge beyond immediate survival for most businesses is how to adapt to what the new normal will be.

As I considered this, I wanted to share my experience of working with small businesses over the last 20 years to help all businesses recover as quickly as possible.

That is why we are inviting you to join Business Accelerator. A completely free programme of information with a technology focus aimed at helping you get your business back on track.

What is Business Accelerator

Business Accelerator is a 3-stage programme that we will be delivering over the coming weeks. Each step has a specific purpose to address short, medium and long term recovery:

Starting with the immediate challenge of returning to work when the time is right. We then consider how to optimise remote working to provide much needed flexibility and security. And finally, we consider how to accelerate the business recovery process.

  • Information about technologies your business should be using now or considering in the future.

  • Guidance and checklists to help your staff transition back to the workplace.

  • Best practice for long-term remote and flexible workers.

  • Data security and information protection best practices.

  • Practical advice aimed at refocusing or pivoting your business including strategy, marketing, processes, data and people.

  • A private LinkedIn Peer Group for discussion, sharing ideas and networking

IT Foundations has been supporting businesses in Edinburgh and throughout the Lothians for 20 years.

Our purpose is: Helping our customers succeed

Our niche is: Empowering businesses through information and technology

I hope the materials within the Business Accelerator will assist you, your business, employees and customers into a fast recovery and successful future.