The Problem

You’ve sat down at your desk after IT or a colleague have been working on your Windows device and now you can’t login to your computer. Don’t worry. It’s probably very easy to fix. Your IT team or your colleague have likely been working on your machine as a different user. All you need to do is tell the computer that you want to sign in as yourself, and not them.

The Solution

On the login screen you will see a name in the middle of screen. If it isn’t your name then that’s your problem right there. Simply click at the bottom left of the screen where you will see the words ‘Other user’ and either select your name from any options that are displayed or type in your username (if you’re on a work device this might be your work email, if you’re a personal device then it’ll be a little trickier to find if you haven’t noted it down somewhere!)

Windows login screen

Now enter your password and Bob’s your uncle. You can login to your computer again!

If that hasn’t solved your problem and you still can’t login to your computer then it’s possible that you have the wrong password. You’ll either need to contact your IT department or reset your password using the ‘I forgot my password’ link below the password box.

If your business doesn’t currently work with an IT partner and you operate in the central Scotland area then get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.