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Why local IT support matters in a remote world

Today, most IT support can be done remotely. Whether it's troubleshooting, software updates, data backup, or security monitoring, IT professionals can access your systems and devices from anywhere and provide you with the assistance you need. This is convenient, cost-effective, and efficient for both you and your IT provider.

However, this does not mean that working with a local IT company is irrelevant or unnecessary. In fact, there are many situations where having an IT company located nearby can be very valuable for your small business. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the benefits of local IT support and why you should consider it as part of your IT strategy.

Benefits of Local IT Support

Personalised service

When you work with a local IT company, you can expect a more personalised and tailored service. You can meet your IT provider face-to-face, get to know them, and build a trusting relationship. They can also visit your premises, understand your business needs and goals, and provide you with customised solutions that suit your specific situation. A local IT company can also offer you more flexibility and responsiveness, as they can adjust their schedule and availability according to your needs.

On-site support

While remote IT support can handle most issues, there are some cases where on-site support is necessary or preferable. For example, if you need to install new hardware, upgrade your network infrastructure, or relocate your office, you will need an IT professional to physically assist you.

Additionally, a local IT company can provide you with on-site support when you need it, without any delays or incurring the costs of travel and subsistence that are usually incurred when national companies provide your IT.

why-local-support-matters-banner-1We often just pop around to our clients when they have an issue. There are some things in IT that are just easier to deal with in real life. This is especially true when there is an issue with hardware that expert eyes-on can help diagnose much faster than having someone point a mobile phone at, and send pictures of videos back to then await an instruction to ‘pull the red cable out’.

We also find that while we’re on site we often get asked lots of ‘oh, while you’re here’ questions. People don’t like to raise tickets for niggles. Things that aren’t technically broken or stopping them from doing their jobs, but that might just be irritations that over time do affect mood and performance. We’ve all experienced strange behaviour with our computers and it can just be irksome. When we’re onsite people will often lean over and ask about these things which is a great opportunity to make people’s days better. We love solving problems, especially when they aren’t huge but they make someone’s life simpler. It’s what we thrive on and it helps your business be more productive.

Local knowledge

Local knowledge goes a long way. A local IT support partner can help you leverage the local resources and opportunities, such as grants, partnerships, or events, that can benefit your business. A company is also more likely to be able to help you find solutions to problems with other local firms. For example, we work closely with a telecoms company who have specific knowledge of Edinburgh, so they are able to help our customers find fast and affordable internet and phone connections that a national company might not be aware of.

Depending on your definition of local, a local IT company will have a better understanding of your local market, industry, and regulations. They can provide you with IT solutions that are compliant with the local laws and standards, and that are optimised for your target audience and customers.

Emergency support

In the event of an IT emergency, such as a cyberattack, or a system failure, you need to act fast and minimise the damage and downtime. A local IT company can provide you with immediate and effective emergency support, as they can reach you quickly and mobilise their resources.


IT support is essential for any small business that wants to succeed and grow in the competitive and dynamic digital world. While remote IT support can offer many advantages, it is not a substitute for local IT support. Having an IT company located nearby can provide you with many benefits, such as personalised service, on-site support, local knowledge, and emergency support. These benefits can help you improve your IT performance, efficiency, and security, and ultimately, your business outcomes.

We are a team of experienced IT experts, based in Edinburgh, who can provide you with comprehensive IT solutions for your small business. We offer remote and on-site IT support, as well as proactive and preventive maintenance, security, and consulting.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional local IT company then get in touch today for a chat.

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