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Founded in 2000, IT Foundations has gone from strength to strength, earning a reputation as a provider of trusted, friendly IT services in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

The starting fundamental of helping small to medium-sized organisations has never been truer. Our purpose is “helping our customers succeed”.

We started supplying, installing and supporting computers, servers and networking at a time when very few people used or had computers at home. Mobile phones were just phones and the Internet as we know it was in its infancy. The cool new technology of the day was Email!

We realised the power of the Internet and potential for linking systems together, automating processes and providing our customers with bespoke software solutions that solved specific business problems.

Today, more than ever, our customers need an advisor that can help them evolve in today’s app-centric, cloud driven world ensuring that they maximise their own business potential.

We are excited about what the future holds for IT Foundations, the team and our customers.

In 2019 we set out an ambitious 10 year business plan and adopted a business strategy that will allow us to develop and expand our expertise and product portfolio.

We have adopted a new management structure with Robert Buchanan heading up our Operations and Graeme Davis taking an Executive role focusing on the wider company vision, product strategy and emerging technology landscape.

Our team are core to our vision, passionate about the IT industry and each one of us brings a unique set of dynamic skills.

We are are always on the lookout for new talent to join our team and if you are kind of person that shares our core values (below) we really want to hear from you.

Graeme Davis
Managing Director

Our team of experts are proud to have a collective experience in the IT industry of over 100 years

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