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Cyber Security Training and Awareness2021-06-03T10:23:11+01:00

What is cyber security awareness training?

You wouldn’t miss out fire safety training – so why miss out cyber safety training? In both cases, sensitive data is vulnerable to theft and breaches.  

Internal data leaks and mistakes regarding the right and wrong of cyber security can have a detrimental impact on a business, the team and clients.  

It is essential to know that all employees have the right understanding and knowledge of company cyber security practices, as well as an ability to detect and act on any fraudulent or suspicious activity. IT Foundations offer interactive training to the people in your business at all levels.  

How can a business benefit from cyber security training?

How can IT Foundations help?

Networks and IT compromise of a wide spectrum of activities and it can be a time-consuming task for small and medium-sized businesses to work on the development. IT Foundations act as an outsourced IT department for an organisation without any in-house IT members. Alternatively, we can support IT teams within an organisation and provide additional guidance when required.

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