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Protect and secure data with backups and encryption

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What is Data security?

Data security is about protecting sensitive information your company holds against intentional or accidental unauthorised access. Businesses must ensure that only those individuals with authorised access are able to view, modify, share or destroy the data.

Data can be categorised as personal information, including anything from names and contact details, to political views and website cookies. It is important to keep records of data and be aware of where data is being collected from, as well as who it is about.

First steps to complete data security

  • Data encryption

    Encrypting data is a way of transforming the information into a code, which cannot be read without the key to unlock it.

  • Data backups

    Regular backups (copies) of the information held by a company to make sure the data is never lost.

  • Data masking

    Masking data means to hide it from unauthorised parties to prevent anyone without authorised access handling or viewing sensitive data.

  • Data erasure

    Once certain data is no longer required by a company, ensure that the destroying process is complete and the data cannot be recovered.

  • Secure passwords

    Password policies in your company should be strict and universal – we recommend using a two-factor authentication process for employee passwords.

How can IT Foundations help with data security?

IT Foundations’ team of specialist consultants stay up to date with the latest data regulation and are experienced in finding the best implementations for regulatory compliance. We take time to understand each business as an individual entity and proceed to recommend tailored solutions that we know will work for you.

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