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What is Cyber security consultancy?

With cyber crime at an all-time high, all small and medium-sized businesses are rethinking their approach to cyber protection.

Ensuring your online systems and data held within your company is safe and secure is the fundamental first step. However, it can be challenging knowing what is a ‘safe’ benchmark. On the National Cyber Security Website, businesses can find important steps to take.

Take a proactive approach to cyber threats

  • Penetration testing

    Cyber security consultancy will evaluate the strength of the current security in place within your business with a stimulated cyber attack

  • Proactive defence

    The latest security software and regular updates to act as a defence against hackers and cyber threats.

  • Data protection

    Consultants will evaluate the measures used to protect priceless data from your business, employees and customers.

  • Cyber threat analytics

    IT Foundations will send you detailed reports of our findings following a consultation, allowing you to easily understand your cyber security position.

  • Cyber security project management

    Following an initial consultation, should we decide there is further steps to protect your business against cyber threats, IT Foundations will be there to plan, implement and revise security resilience plans.

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