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What is remote & on-site support?

Every customers needs are different and that’s why we will tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

The most common option is our remote support, allowing our technical staff to connect directly to your devices and minimising delays in resolving issues.

We can do this in two ways; with a managed service we will install our management software onto your devices, so we are constantly monitoring the health of your devices and can connect with a single click to provide support and guidance. Alternatively, we can create a remote session on an ad-hoc basis via a simple connection on our website giving the same capability to support you and your team with the minimal amount of trouble.

Benefits of remote support

When is on-site support required?

On-site support can be beneficial for more in depth issues or where there is a more serious problem requiring closer investigation. IT Foundations arrange a time at the earliest convenience for both of us to visit your company across central Scotland.

How can IT Foundations help?

Our skilled engineers will work on-site alongside your team to support, coach and train your staff on the IT needs of your business. Making sure everyone is up to speed.

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