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Unsure about the power of the cloud computing for small business?

The cloud is somewhat still perceived as a mystery for many, still asking the very question of what is Cloud computing?

A simple way to describe the cloud is to imagine a scenario where all your team can connect and access company files and networks at anytime, anywhere in the world. Instead of storing data and information physically, or through hard disk memory on devices, information is stored in the cloud.

What is cloud email?

Shifting email operations and records within your business from a hardware storage device to the cloud is one of the simplest steps a business can take today to become more efficient in everyday tasks, and simultaneously more environmentally friendly. 

How does the cloud benefit remote workers?

Having a cloud system in effect instantly enables your company to offer flexible working practices to the team. And, with a recent surge in demand for home working and flexible office hours, it makes sense to be one of the firms that meet those demands.

With cloud computing, documents, emails and conversations can be carried out from anywhere in the world, at any time. Those with the required access credentials will be able to view and edit files, hold conferences and meetings using the services offered on the cloud.

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