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Is your business prepared for a disastrous fire or malware attack?

In the unfortunate scenario of an IT disaster – which can occur from a simple power failure, human error, cyber-attack from the web, theft or physical on-site damage from a fire or flood – the last thing a business needs is losing the sensitive data and information stored, leaving you inoperable.

As a proactive measure against such a disaster, IT Foundations strongly recommends all businesses have a robust backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

Last year, 43% of UK businesses suffered a cyber security attack*

*According to the National Cyber Security Centre

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What is a disaster plan?

A Disaster Recovery Plan explains the procedures and tools that a business will use in the event of a disaster to ensure the fast recovery and continuation of IT infrastructure and network systems.

What is a backup?

In the simplest form, a backup means making a copy – either tangibly or digitally stored – of the files stored on your devices.

Backups form part a Business Continuity Plan and carrying out regular backups should be an automated routine in any organisation. IT Foundations’ backup services means we tailor a backup that suits the requirements of your business. Giving you peace of mind that your organisation is safe in the instance of any threats of disaster. 

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