Microsoft Outlook enables your mailbox to send automatic notifications to any internal or external emails received to your mailbox. If you are returning to the office after a period off work then this quick guide with give you the steps needed to turn the notifications off and ensure your clients don’t receive any notifications that are out of date. 

For Outlook Desktop App 

1. Open Microsoft Outlook Desktop App. 

2. From within MS Outlook, access the File Menu located in the top left of the screen. 


3. Click on the “Automatic Replies (Out of Office) section.


4. From the Automatic Replies menu, click on the radio button for “Do not send automatic replies”.


This will disable any automatic out of office emails being sent from your Mailbox.

For Outlook Web App  

In your chosen web browser, sign into the Outlook Web App using using your Microsoft 365 username and password. 

1. From the Office 365 Launcher choose “Outlook”. 

2. From the Outlook Web App, click on the “Settings” (gear icon) and then you may have to click on “View All Outlook Settings”. 

3. From the Settings menu, click on “Automatic Replies” which will load the Automatic Replies menu. 

4. From the Automatic replies menu, click on the radio button for “Automatic replies on” and this will disable Automatic/Out of office replies being sent from your account.

For Outlook on your Mobile Device 


1. Open Settings then scroll down to “Accounts & Passwords.” 

2. Select the e-mail account that you want to set an automatic reply from. 

3. Scroll down to the bottom and tap “Automatic Reply”. 

4. Turn Automatic Reply off. 


1. Open the Outlook mobile app. 

2. In the top left, click the  Menu  icon. 

3. In the bottom left, click  Settings”  (gear) icon. 

4. Under Accounts, select your Office 365 Account. 

5. Click Automatic Replies 

6. Click the slider to disable automatic replies. 

7. When finished, click the checkbox in the top right to save. 

IT Foundations can manage services like this for you on your behalf. If you need us to change anything for your out of office, then you can contact the Technical team and we will make changes as required.