Microsoft is constantly updating Windows 10 by adding new features, bug fixes and security updates. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your Windows 10 Operating system is up to date. If your computer has been off for some time your machine could be out of date and will need updated.

Having an up to date operating system will increase security and enhance performance. In this guide we will show you the steps to manually check that your Windows 10 OS is up to date and how to update to the latest version.

1. On your Desktop, Press the Windows Key or Click on the “Start” button.

2. Type in “Check for Updates”.

3. Click on the Check for Updates settings page and this will open the Windows Update page.

4. From this page, Windows will notify you if your Operating System is up to date. You can manually press the “Check for updates” button to ensure you are up to date.

5. Once you are up to date, you will receive a message saying that you’re up to date. *Please note you may have to restart your system for some updates to finish.

By following this guide, it will ensure your Windows 10 Operating system is up to date and receiving the latest security and performance features from Microsoft. Find out more about Windows 10 here, or contact one of our technical team members who are happy to have a chat about the capabilities of the Microsoft operating software.