The full impact of COVID-19 in the UK is uncertain at this time. Until such time as the UK and Scottish Government change the current response status, we believe that it is prudent for IT Foundations to be ready to react if the need arises and we will be providing our customers coronavirus updates as they emerge.

As a result, we are currently testing employee readiness through a series of home working tests. All of our systems are cloud based and we already routinely work out of our office with no impact to the services we provide to customers.

We want to reassure you that even if we have to work from home that we can still remotely support and manage your systems as we would from our office. Communications will operate normally through calls, emails and support tickets.

The only issues we foresee are on-site activities such as meetings, support visits, and installation services. However, we will work with you in line with the guidance available at the time to keep services as normal as possible.

Please note that we are already seeing significant disruption to the supply chain for new equipment due to the related slowdown in manufacturing output from China. Please get in touch if you think you need any PC’s, laptops or related IT hardware in the near future.

As the guidance changes we will provide further updates but please contact us if you have any specific concerns.